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 = Tiltphones

The 'tiltphones' are a motion-sensitive iPod remote control. Electronics built
into some over-ear headphones pick up what way your head is tilting and 
sends commands to your iPod accordingly.

To see it in action, watch this quick video: = Motion-sensitive gestures ----------------------- At the moment, the tiltphones only recognise a basic set of actions, but there is plenty of scope for experimenting and making it "smarter". So far, the user can: * Tilt head left, have volume decrease slowly until head goes upright. * Tilt head right, have volume increase slowly until head goes upright. * Tilt head left and immediately upright, to skip to the previous track. * Tilt head right and immediately upright, to skip to the next track. * Take off the tiltphones and lay them flat, to have the iPod pause. * Pick up the tiltphones, and the iPod will resume playing. = Technical details ----------------------- * Microcontroller: Microchip PIC16F690 (20-pin DIP) * Tilt sensor: ADXL320 (Analog Devices triple-axis accelerometer) * Headphones: Sony MDR-80, with lots of extra space inside! * Serial communication with the iPod at 19200 baud, using the Apple Accessory Protocol * Connects to the iPod with a third-party iPod dock connector. * Extra components powered by the iPod. = Exposure ----------------------- In September 2009 Mike Szczys from hackaday.com blogged about the tiltphones. This project was presented at DATA event number 28 on March 13th, 2008. An account of the event is available on Nathaniel Stern's blog. (Photo from Ralph Borland)