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This page is a work in progress, not all projects have detailed pages yet.

Electronics                                    Website stuff
-----------                                    -------------
Gesture Panel                                  thingsthatmakeyougo.eu                              
 - Customisable gesture-based desktop input     - Unpleasant topics on twitter.
   device with light and haptic feedback.           
Tiltphones                                      - Collaborative AJAXy ASCII art.                                            
 - Motion sensitive iPod remote control.                                                                                   
Mobile payphone handset                         - Simple image montages.                                                   
 - A bulky and pointless payphone handset                                                                                 
   for Sony Ericsson phones.                   huggl.es                   
                                                 - Hosting and other services.                                      
Ghetto fuse holder
  - Very cheap and easy method of securely
    holding a fuse with no special parts.

Silly nonsense
Magnetic car mirror mount
 - Replacing broken plastic mirror mounting with magnets.

CD lamp
- It only took a decade to get around to making it. ~310 CDs.

Geodesic dome
- A large steel geodesic dome used as a living room and guest bedroom.
  Custom RGB lighting controller with an Android app, swing, hammock.

Christmas Commits
- Gift wrapping paper, covered in git commits to the Linux kernel from each
  December 25th.

White Light Festival
 - An interactive installation work on the streets of Derry City in early 2008.

Software bits and pieces

 - Python port of the "$1 Gesture Recognizer" project

 - Quick overview of active users on a heavily used unixy system.

 - Port of the idlers console app to the irssi IRC client.

 - Quick and dirty scraper for converting DCU's class timetables to XML.

 - Quick wrapper for `quota`, displaying disk usage in a more useful format.

College stuff
 - Autonomous wireless network site survey robot.

 - Hijacking authenticated wireless networks.

 - Python / libusb interface for the IR distance sensors on an ER1 robot.

Amusing stuff
 - Network-attached toaster that made it into an Irish paper.